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I love using Python, R, and all things open source. Find me on GitHub and Twitter. See some of open source work below:

Open source

Package / LibraryDescriptionType
sqlcliA command line interface (CLI) for interacting with SQLModel.🐍
spacytextblobA TextBlob sentiment analysis pipeline component for spaCy.🐍
spacypdfreaderA PDF to text extraction pipeline component for spaCy.🐍
pydatafakerA python package to create fake data with relationships between tables.🐍
prettynumSimple number formatting for python inspired by the scales package in R.🐍
safejoinPerform "safe" table joins in R.R

Python apps

GitHub Search tool for UBC (App / GitHub)

A python web application for finding lecture content from the UBC Masters of Data Science Program. Built using Dash and deployed with Docker on Heroku.

Canvas discussion board tool (App / GitHub)

Submission for the 2019 UBC Learning Analytics Hackathon. A tool to help improve the student experience on canvas discussion boards by providing suggests to similar questions before posting. Built using Dash and deployed with Docker on Heroku.

Canadian 2019 Election Twitter Sentiment Analysis (App / GitHub)

Uses Python, Heroku, and TextBlob to create a sentiment analysis for the 2019 Canadian election. Built using Dash and deployed with Docker on Heroku.

R apps

Random ROM (App / GitHub)

Randomly generate stretches to perform. Built with Shiny.

Text Prediction Model (App / GitHub)

The text prediction model uses the so called "Stupid Backoff" to predict what the next word you wish to type is based on the previously typed words. Built with Shiny.

Other stuff


Check out my Tableau Public Profile.