Data Science

Data Science is my passion! I am currently pursuing a Masters of Data Science from UBC. Below are links to some of my personal projects and blog posts.

Python Libraries

  • pydatafaker: A python package to create fake data with relationships between tables.
  • spaCyTextBlob: A TextBlob sentiment analysis pipeline component for spaCy.
  • jupydocs: Simple python package documentation with jupyter.

Data Science Projects

Project Details Image
GitHub Search tool for UBC- App- GitHub A python web application for finding lecture content from the UBC Masters of Data Science Program screenshot of github search tool
Text Prediction Model- App- GitHub The text prediction model uses the so called “Stupid Backoff” to predict what the next word you wish to type is based on the previously typed words. [R, Shiny] screenshot of text prediction app
Canadian 2019 Election Twitter Sentiment Analysis - App - GitHub Uses Python, Heroku, and TextBlob to create a sentiment analysis for the 2019 Canadian election.[Python, Dash, Heroku, TextBlob] app-pic
Canvas discussion board tool- App- GitHub Submission for the 2019 UBC Learning Analytics Hackathon. A tool to help improve the student experience on canvas discussion boards by providing suggests to similar questions before posting.[Python, Dash, Docker, Heroku, nltk, gensim] ubc-discussion
Tabluea- Tableau Public Profile My public profile of Tableau visualizations. Tableau Pic