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· 10 min read

With a few spare days between finishing work and starting a masters program at UBC I was keen to experience some adventure before going back to school. Since moving to Vancouver 1 year ago, I had been imagining some of the cycle touring trips I may do. BC's West coast holds so many potential options.

· 16 min read

During my first year of university my friend Cory and I began to plan a cycling trip across Canada. I don’t exactly remember where the idea came from, but it quickly developed from a dream to something that could actually happen. We decided to raise money for the B.C. Cancer Foundation, as both of our families have been effected by cancer. We raised over $15,000 from friends, families, and local businesses. The experiences of fundraising, and the completion of the actual cycling trip have been two of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

· 6 min read

While studying abroad in Istanbul I took my semester break to travel to Portugal and cycle from Lisbon to Faro. The goal of the trip was to really enjoy the nature. I wanted it to be slow paced and relaxing. I wanted to take many stops, and enjoy all the sights and sounds. When I cycled across Canada there was no stopping to smell the roses. We were really determined to get across the country in 50 days, so we missed a lot of cool sights along the way for the sake of time.

· 12 min read

After 4 years of school at Queen's University I was at last done. I wrote my final exam, packed my things, and the next morning departed on a bike ride from Kingston to Toronto with my friend Sam I have known since our first year together at Queen's. The trip was more or less a spur of the moment adventure. We planned the idea several weeks before leaving, and only came up with a rough estimate of where we would be each day.

· 6 min read

The summer of 2013 I and my friends Cory Babiak, Taylor Jenkins, and Jose Pauig ran across PEI. Jose followed us on a bike for support; Cory Taylor and myself all ran. We raised over $7000 for Project Jumpstart, a charity that helps Canadian Kids who cannot afford to play sports get in the game. It was great raising money for Project Jumpstart, as it is something we all felt very strong about. The run itself was over 6 marathons in six days. It ended up being an extremely challenging task, much harder on the body than cycling. By the end we were running and walking the trail, and moving at a snails pace, but we did finish in our goal of 280 km in six days!