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· 18 min read

I have recently been exploring how to use FastAPI to build web apps. Check out this recent blog post How to create a FastAPI Web App with MongoDB and Beanie. One area I have found difficult is configuring authentication for web apps in FastAPI. The FastAPI security docs are really good, however they focus only on securing API endpoints, and not how to implement security for a web app. This blog post will demonstrate how to stand up a fully functional FastAPI web app with authentication.

· 17 min read

I always like to experiment with the hottest new frameworks and libraries in Python. A few technologies that I have found interesting lately are:

  • FastAPI - A framework for building APIs based on pydantic.
  • MongoDB - A NoSQL database.
  • Beanie - An "object document mapper" (ODM) that allows you to model your MongoDB using python.

This blog post provides a working example of a webapp that uses all three technologies 🎉!