The Complete Data Science Setup (macOS)

One of the funnest (and most frustrating) parts of data science is the vast array of tools available to us.

Is UFC Judging Fair?

When a UFC match ends with a knock-out or submission there is never any doubt who the better fighter was.

How to Open Repo from the Command Line

During my Masters of Data Science I was often working on many GitHub repos at the same time.

How to Open Jupyter Notebooks with a Double Click (Mac OS)

Background Jupyter Notebooks are an awesome tool. The standard way to open a Jupyter Notebook is from the command line.

How to Deploy a Containerized Python Dash App to Heroku

I love using Plotly to build interactive visualizations. The syntax is very similar across R and Python, and plots looks great.

Cycle Touring the BC Coast

With a few spare days between finishing work and starting a masters program at UBC I was keen to experience some adventure before going back to school.

The Best Great Lake Surfing Videos

Here are a handful of videos that inspired me to get out there, buy a surfboard and surf the Great Lakes.

Cycling Portugal

While studying abroad in Istanbul I took my semester break to travel to Portugal and cycle from Lisbon to Faro.

Cycling from Kingston to Toronto

After 4 years of school at Queen’s University I was at last done.

Running Across PEI

The summer of 2013 I and my friends Cory Babiak, Taylor Jenkins, and Jose Pauig ran across PEI.