The Best Great Lake Surfing Videos

July 17, 2019

Here are a handful of videos that inspired me to get out there, buy a surfboard and surf the Great Lakes.


#1 On Days Like These We Must Surf - My favourite Great Lake surfing video. The message, don’t take any day (or wave) for granted.

On Days Like These We Must Surf from Jake Kovnat on Vimeo.

#2 Step Into Liquid (Surfing Wisconsin Scene) - A small part from the feature length film Step Into Liquid. The whole movie is worth watching, but this Great Lake Surfing scene holds a special place in my heart. Looking back, I’m pretty sure this was the first ever footage I saw of surfing in the lakes. Don’t expect to see any nice waves or gnarly turns, but you will see that “the stoke is global”.

#3 Globe and Mail Short - A good short from the Globe and Mail on board shaping and surfing in the lakes.

#4 Red Bull Surfing in the Great Lakes - Just some awesome footage from superior. Proof that it can get real in the lakes.

#5 Surfing the Great Lakes  - Short cinematic shots of surfing on a snowy day in Lake Michigan.

Honourable mentions

Step Into Liquid (Tanker Surfing Texas Scene) - It may not be on a lake, but you see the same obscure passion.

Kelly Slaters Perfect Wave - Once they start making more of these, we will be able to catch perfect waves anywhere…