How to learn Kubernetes

April 14, 2023

Over the past year I have dedicated a lot of time to learning Kubernetes. Here are the resources I have found most helpful!

Kubernetes Tutorial for Beginners (FULL COURSE in 4 Hours)

I would recommend starting with this video. After taking this four hour crash course you will have a basic understanding of how Kubernetes works, and you will have a Kubernetes cluster running on your computer you can use for further learning.

Kubernetes Fundamentals (LFS258)

This course is very comprehensive and will prepare you for the CKA Exam. I found this course to be my favourite resource. There are only two downsides:

  • It is expensive. The course alone costs $299 USD. The course and the CKA Exam cost $595 USD. (As of 2023-04-15). However, if you can afford it, I think putting a little bit of skin in the game is a good motivator to learn and take the course seriously.
  • The course also takes some time to complete. The course took me about 3 months to complete spending a few hours each weekend.

Kubernetes: Up and Running

This book is a good reference and will be nice resource to have in the future. However, it is also a bit pricey.